Examining the motor to your cooling tower

Maintaining your cooling tower can seem very complicated, as it is an advanced structure of vital importance to make sure the entire system is running smoothly, but there are parts of the maintenance that you easily can perform on your own to make sure your cooling tower is working satisfactory. The most important part of the cooling tower is the motor, and if you're willing to examine this important part regularly, this could mean that you're increasing the life length of your cooling tower with years as you will be able to have it fixed as soon as a problem is spotted. To know what to look for in a faulty cooling tower motor, there are a few things you should know about.

Measure the voltage

The first thing you need to do is no different from examining any other engine; you should make sure to measure the voltage the motor is producing. The optimal input and output current should be stated on the outside of the motor, and it's an easy way to know if the motor is working too hard and is in danger of overloading. If the output level is too low, this is a sign that a circuit or other smaller part of the motor is broken and it should be examined by a professional in cooling tower mechanical services.

Beware vibrations

You should also check if the motor is vibrating excessively when operating. This might be hard to spot, but you can examine other parts of the cooling tower to see if that is the case. Signs of a motor vibrating too heavily can be fan blades that are out of balance. Unbalanced fan blades can cause damage by hitting or wearing on other objects, which will cause you to have to buy new cooling tower spare parts for things that didn't have to be broken if the settings were all correct. A vibrating motor might indicate that it's operating on the wrong voltage or that smaller parts inside of it have come loose or are not working satisfactory anymore.

Check insulation

Another important thing to investigate is whether the insulation to the motor is still intact or not. This is important as this keeps the water out of the sensitive parts of the motor that can't stand being wet. Even if your motor is kept well away from the water, flawed insulation should still be replaced as soon as possible, as humidity might still build up in the motor and introduce moisture into it that way.

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