Solar Energy Systems: Factors that Determine Your Annual Savings

Solar energy systems are among the most efficient and energy saving systems available today. If you are tired of expensive bills and want to optimize your home's heating, cooling, and lighting, solar energy systems the way to go. You may want to know the exact amount of money you will be saving annually through solar power; however, manufacturers of solar panels and solar hot water systems do not give this information. By understanding the various factors that determine annual savings, you can easily estimate the amount you expect to save on energy consumption.

Cost of new solar energy systems

The initial cost of solar energy systems will determine the period it will take for you to start saving. Expensive systems may take longer to pay for themselves compared to the cheaper ones. However, this is not always the case as the inexpensive systems may require upgrades down the road and cost you more. When calculating the initial cost, factor in the cost of installation and any other miscellaneous costs.

Energy consumption

Manufacturers of solar energy systems indicate the amount of energy produced by their systems in kilowatts. You can check your monthly energy consumption from old energy bills and determine the right system based on your energy consumption needs. By comparing these bills with your current usage, you can estimate the amount you are likely to save annually since less energy will be consumed when using solar heating systems.

Payback period

The payback period is the time it will take for you to recover the cost of installing solar energy systems. It is after this period that you can start making savings on energy consumption. By determining the installation costs and your monthly energy savings, you can be able to calculate the payback period. Once it has elapsed, the system will have paid for itself, and you will start making savings.

Government incentives

In some areas, the government offers incentives for use of clean and renewable energy such as solar. These incentives can substantially reduce your system's payback period, allowing you to make savings sooner. Before installing the systems, you can look into your local government for such incentives and sign up for a chance to make more savings.

Understanding the various factors that determine your savings when using solar energy systems can help you determine when you will start saving and how much you are likely to save. This can help you determine whether your investment is worth the while.

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